Construction Services in New York & New Jersey

Brick GC Group has always been defined by our commitment to quality work at a competitive price. With hundreds of exemplary projects under our belt — and with many of those same properties also under our continued management — this distinction has helped to elevate our company into the upper echelons of the real estate improvement and maintenance sector in New York and New Jersey.

With each new job, we’re able to consistently enhance our reputation through consistent excellence at both subcontracting and general contractor work. Here are just a few of our most popular construction services:

  • Cement Work – Brick GC Group’s Concrete, Brick and Paving division has been providing award-winning service at job sites throughout the NYC area for more than three decades. We specialize in sidewalk and roof repair (including faux slate), brick pavers, stucco, tiled driveways, walkways, private roads, swimming pools, ponds, parking lots, and period-appropriate brick restoration work.
  • Roofing – There’s no better way to protect a structure than by maintaining its roof. All of our contractors have been installing and repairing roofs throughout New York and New Jersey for over 30 years. We’re so committed to ensuring the integrity of your property that we’re more than happy to provide an honest on-site inspection at no charge to you. Whether its dry rot, termites or a leaky roof, we can help to both diagnose and solve any problem before it gets out of control.
  • Framing – As one of the Tri-State area’s most sought after multi-family framing services, our expert carpenters have worked on some of the largest wood frame building projects in the region. We know from experience that a sturdy frame is the keystone piece in any durable wood structure. That’s why we never cut corners and only source the highest quality lumber for all our projects.
  • Flooring – From hardwood, ceramic and marble to synthetic tiles and loop or twist office carpeting, our flooring specialists can help turn any unfinished space into a more welcoming environment. We’re known not only for the quality and affordability of our floors but the speed at which we’re able to complete them. Treat your feet and feast your eyes on a new, stylish floor from the one and only Brick GC Group.
  • Painting – We handle both interior and exterior painting like no other construction group. All of our painters specialize in both home and commercial projects of all sizes. This means that no matter how large or small the job, we can always handle it with precision and dedication. We’re also more than happy to consult with you on just the right color scheme for any particular commercial or residential location.
  • Waterproofing – No one wants to live in a building with a dank, damp, and frequently flooded basement — or to see a north facing, common brick wall slowly crumble and succumb to the elements. At Brick GC, we have the know-how, tools and equipment that will better protect your structure from destructive water seepage. We specialize in comprehensive foundation repair, including concrete leveling, sump pump installation —as well as new insulation that will help weatherproof your newly-waterproofed building envelope for maximum comfort in all kind of weather.
  • Water Damage Repair & Restoration – From cleaning and eliminating unhealthy mold from the interior airspace of a home to inspecting and repairing a building’s structural integrity — as well as restoring and replacing woodwork, carpeting, ceilings and other casualties of water damage — Brick GC Group can help transform any space still standing after a flood into something as good as new, or even better. We’re meticulous about creating a thoroughly clean and safe interior environment, whether it’s for work or home.
  • Chimney Repair & Cleaning – After decades of use a chimney can accumulate significant damage due to weather, lack of maintenance, or simple wear and tear. That’s why every chimney requires occasional repairs in order to not only look better but operate more safely. Annual cleanings by a skilled chimney sweep can also contribute to a better working fireplace — including less frequent repairs and a significantly safer operation. At Brick GC, we provide both chimney cleaning and repair services for all of our managed properties, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Uncompromising Quality from a Contractor You Can Trust

At Brick GC Group, it’s our reputation for attention to detail and competitive pricing — combined with a sincere desire to meet our customers’ needs whenever possible — that sets us apart from the rest. Since 1989, we’ve been a trusted partner for property and business owners all over New York and New Jersey. Whether its commercial or residential work, we treat every single job as a top priority — and a crucial opportunity to prove ourselves and further validate our unique position as a boutique property builder, manager and developer.

Brick GC Group works with homeowners associations, coop boards, property owners, engineers and architects in order to both assess and meet even the toughest remediation challenges. From initial leak detection in damaged foundations and emergency roof repairs to the construction of complete buildings, we’ve done it all and done it well. Our comprehensive construction services — paired with our property management and maintenance portfolio — are the foundation of our business model and the backbone of our entire operation.

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Whether you’re talking about a small, minor repair job or a large, ambitious building project it’s often the little things that can make the difference. We understand that the only thing standing between a beautiful, functional and coveted property and a blighted eyesore is often as simple as continuous long term maintenance and a few strategic improvements. A fixer-upper apartment building or rundown house can be easily transformed into a sought after location for residences, offices, condos and more. Call today — or fill out our contact form for a free, no-hassle element — in order to learn more about how we can help make the most out of your valuable property with the right additions. Don’t hesitate. Call now.