Property Management | How it Works

Brick GC is a full service property company. We offer not only construction, but also property management, because we know that sometimes you need that added support to get a return on your investment.

Often, an owner of a home, apartment, office building, industrial or retail property in Philadelphia does not have the time for the day to day management required to effectively maintain a property. At Brick GC, we offer you peace of mind by being consistently involved in every aspect of property management, so you can focus on the other investments that are a better use of your time.

Brick GC has a firsthand understanding of what it takes to protect and secure your investment. We know that your property is unique, so we custom tailor our services to meet every individual need of your space, helping you with:

  • Securing and Retaining High Quality Tenants – Brick GC has seen thousands of applications from renters. We know how to analyze information to make sure that you are getting the best tenants possible for your property. Our property management service comes with time tested tenant retention polices that will guarantee happy renters who will want to stay in your property.
  • Overall Maintenance and Repair – Maintaining your property will help to keep your tenants happy while preserving the value of your property investment. Brick GC offers comprehensive maintenance packages, as well as emergency maintenance services, to make sure that your needs are always met.
  • Ensuring Short Vacancy Cycles – We will make sure that your vacancy cycles are short by keeping your property well maintained and providing effective marketing. We have written hundreds of effective advertisement campaigns for properties throughout Philadelphia, so we know how to fill your space with quality renters in little time.
  • Financial Services – Our highly trained property managers uphold the highest standards of financial services. We are able to handle all the financial operations of your property, making sure that rent is collected on time, and that taxes, mortgages, payroll, and maintenance bills are paid in time. We offer our clients detailed financial reporting, while providing accurate data, timely information, and superior service.

You will never have to worry about the condition of your property when you hire Brick GC Group for your property management needs. We are dedicated to selecting the best tenants to keep your investment in good repair with minimal costs needed.

Brick GC Group is prepared to provide you with everything that you need to run your Philadelphia property or real estate portfolio. Our professional team is dedicated to making sure that the stress of managing your property is off of your shoulders while you continue to benefit from your investment. If you’re interested in getting started, contact us today at PHONE NUMBER.

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