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As a licensed general contractor in the New York-New Jersey area, Brick GC Group offers customized solutions for both commercial and residential property maintenance. From janitorial services — such as cleaning of common areas, waste disposal and recycling — to handyman and gardening tasks — such as repairs, minor building projects, landscaping and snow removal, we can offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property and tenants are always well cared for.

Commercial and Residential Maintenance You Can Count On

As an investment property owner, the first time you answer a 3 a.m. call about a leaky water heater, burst pipe, out-of-commission furnace, or rogue field mouse, you may say to yourself very matter-of-factly, “Well, that’s what being a real landlord is.”

But by the 50th time you’re diverted from your day-to-day life with a building or tenant issue, you may ask yourself more bitterly “Is this really what being a landlord is?!”

At Brick GC Group, we set ourselves apart by offering greater flexibility, versatility of services, quality and responsiveness. Our entire property maintenance program is designed to streamline your business operations model and improve its efficiency. We also offer an impeccable, customer-centered service model that will help ensure your happiness — as well as your tenants’.

We’re known by our friends and clients throughout the New York Tri-State Area for our dependability, professionalism, and endless supply of building management and maintenance solutions. From responding to a problem immediately to addressing it — either in-house or with the help of a seasoned local contractor — we have the people, tools, knowledge and experience you can always count on. With Brick GC Group you can rest easy. We’ve got it covered.

Our Services

Our maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • Lighting maintenance
  • Window replacement
  • Light renovation work
  • Floor tile replacement
  • Landscaping and snow removal
  • Patching and painting
  • Light Plumbing (including heating and cooling maintenance and repair)
  • Shelving
  • Light Electrical
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wood floor replacement
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Open House setups
  • Grout and caulking
  • Kitchen hood cleaning
  • Parking lot paving
  • Pest Abatement
  • Janitorial Services
  • Sanitation and Recyclable Sorting
  • Baseboards and crown molding
  • Carpet work

Your Own On-Call Team of Contractors

Imagine having the best, most experienced and dependable contractors in town on call for you 24/7. With Brick GC Group that’s exactly what you’ll get. Through our general contractor division we maintain relationships with only the most practiced and top-rated construction and maintenance professionals in the New York-New Jersey area. From negotiating special bulk rates with subcontractors to keeping a number of our own seasoned tradespeople on staff, we can offer you the immense savings and increased profitably that comes with an established maintenance firm. We’re also a local, family-owned company that knows how difficult it is to do business in the NYC area. We get it. That’s why our main focus is on making our clients’ lives easier.

Single Family, HOA, Office, and Apartment Building Maintenance

Whether you own a single family rental home, an entire commercial or residential building or represent a Home Owners Association (HOA), condo or coop board we’re happy to fully-customize our property management and maintenance packages according to your unique needs. We understand every setting is different and that’s why no two maintenance accounts are exactly alike. From day one, you’re free to pick and choose which services you require — and we also make it easy to add or subtract services as needed.

At Brick GC Group our specialty is our versatility. We can clean apartments, repair water damage and radiators, install HVAC systems, as well as replace old incandescent bulbs with new energy efficient lighting fixtures that pay for themselves. The list is endless. Whether you’re subletting one apartment or own one hundred buildings we can put together the perfect cleaning and maintenance plan for you.

Sustainable – Dependable – Profitable

At Brick GC Group we believe strongly in being a good neighbor. That’s why we use green cleaning products, reused and reclaimed building materials when possible and practice responsible trash and recycling sorting at all of our properties. We also work with owners and residents of neighboring properties in order to tackle community-wide issues and help improve quality of life — from reducing noise and light pollution to improving air quality by eliminating commercial traffic and late night deliveries in residential areas.

For decades we’ve helped property owners save thousands of dollars every month while helping the environment. By adding insulation and new windows to older properties and converting oil burning furnaces into clean-burning natural gas heating systems, we’ve managed to find the “sweet spot” — where responsible stewardship meets increased profits through the elimination of wasteful business practices.

Tenant Services That Set Your Property Apart

When a new or prospective tenant first sets their eyes on your property, a clean and orderly common area is usually the first welcome indicator. A pristine lobby means that their new home or workplace is situated in a well-maintained building. Our green cleaning contractors can operate on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, our onsite building staff is trained to handle any necessary daily maintenance tasks in larger properties, such as sweeping and mopping the lobby and/ or ground floor — as well as making sure all public areas stay secure, well-lit and maintained.

The Compliance Experts

We are also experts in local New York and New Jersey building regulations, such as NYC’s Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) rules and signage requirements. We also specialize in retaining fire safety, boiler room, and other regulatory postings, such as elevator inspection and building serial number certificates. We can help keep your property in full compliance, both onsite as well as in the back office — thanks to our familiarity with record keeping rules, as well as tax, fire, and building codes.

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