Brick GC Projects

Brick GC is unique, in that we have developed a business model that successfully handles a variety of different types of projects. From birth to completion, we make sure that your project needs are met, no matter what they may be.
While we offer some of the friendliest and most affordable property management and maintenance services available, construction is absolutely one of our specialties.

Our Current Projects
If you’re interested in learning more about our current projects, please give us a call today or browse our website below. Right now we have several active projects, including:

1. Residential Construction:
We’re working with several investors and developers, creating properties that are popular on the current market. We build several single family housing residencies, but we also build some of the most attractive and desirable apartments, townhomes, and condo complexes for those that are interested in building properties with a great deal of appeal in this attract Philadelphia rental market.

2. Commercial Construction:
We are also working with several commercial property residencies. We build large office complexes, as well as retail spaces, warehouses, and more. We also work with remodeling projects for those that need to rebuild their current property to match their style and character.

Browse Our Current Project Listings
If you’re interested in learning more about our projects, or about why so many people have used Brick GC for all of their project needs, contact us today, or browse the photos below (updated regularly) to see our current activities.

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