Commercial Construction Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At Brick GC Group, our business model and overall culture is firmly rooted in the satisfaction of our clients. To make sure that we are able to deliver that customer satisfaction, we offer the full range of commercial construction services to support our client’s vision. At every step of preconstruction planning to the closing of your project we offer flexibility and creativity.

No matter the scope of your project, we will focus wholeheartedly on your needs.

Our commercial construction services in Philadelphia include:

Retail Construction

At Brick GC your brand and your ability to bring in and retain customers are just as important to us as sound retail construction. We understand that your store is the centerpiece for your brand. We provide an exclusive retail construction team that combines years of retail construction expertise with innovation and flexibility to deliver a retail site that will set you apart from the competition.

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Hotel Construction

Brick GC Group can provide you with an experienced construction team regardless if you are creating an entirely new hotel or renovating an existing space. We can manage your entire project from the ground up. If you only need management assistance with certain components of your project, our construction team can provide assistance with needed resources and expertise in the retail construction field. We are also able to offer a wide breadth of consulting services to advise you on your hotel construction or renovation project.

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Restaurant Construction

Our experienced team is able to provide you with the support you need to create your perfect design, no matter how creative it is. Whether you are creating a casual dining space, fine dining space, or an extension of a franchise, Brick GC Group has experts who can complete the job. We are experts at creating high end establishments through efficient and creative practices that ensure that your project stays on target with the schedule.

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Warehouse Construction

Brick GC Group offers specialized warehouse construction services and includes a team that is comprised of engineers, project managers, accountants, and other principals to offer support throughout the process. Building a warehouse for storage demands an attention to detail, commitment, and precision that our highly trained team provides. We offer a unique experience, focusing on your current and future needs for your warehouse space.

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Overseeing large-scale construction requires experience, expertise, excellent management and solid communication skills. Brick GC Group brings these attributes and more to every project that we work to ensure that your vision is successful.

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