Residential Construction Services in New Jersey & New York

Serving homeowners in and around New York City — including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, and the Bronx, as well as all of north and central New Jersey, including Passaic, Essex, Union, Hudson, and Ocean counties — Brick GC Group specializes in a full range of new construction and remodeling projects for residential properties.

When it comes to residential construction services the Brick GC Group has extensive, practical knowledge of all aspects of home building and improvement — from carpentry to masonry, roofing to painting, plumbing, insulation, and foundation repair to electrical work and exteriors.

Our Decades of Experience Shows

With decades of combined experience in the building trades, our hard-won knowledge can be observed in the quality and meticulousness of our work. At Brick GC Group, every member of our team shares an earnest commitment to providing all clients with the best work at the fairest possible price. All projects are completed both quickly and safely without cutting corners. Through our many years of working in home construction, we’ve found the best way to get ahead is through word-of-mouth recommendations — the kind that only come from happy clients with beautiful new or newly renovated homes. You will not find a more skilled group of residential construction experts dedicated to excellence in the entire New York-New Jersey area.

While we are able to perform almost any type of residential construction work, some of our most asked about services include:

  • New Homes – Our new energy-efficient homes are built to keep you comfortable all year around, while also saving thousands on heating and cooling costs. Our architects will work tirelessly with you in order to plan the perfect layout. We specialize in maximizing the allowable Floor Area Ratio (FAR) — which will help you to create the most possible living space — especially when building “in town” on smaller lots located in older and more densely-populated areas. On larger suburban and rural properties we’re equally adept at incorporating landscape architecture — including tiled walking paths, long driveways, pools, ponds, streams, and private roads — in order to create the perfect look for a stunning and sizable estate.
  • Kitchens – At the heart of any home, the kitchen is one of the most important — and unfortunately, also one of the priciest — rooms to remodel. From installing new flooring, adding or subtracting walls to putting in new countertops, appliances, sinks, and range ventilation hoods, we have become experts at calculating extremely precise job estimates. By successfully anticipating factors such as fluctuations in the prices of materials, we are able to minimize the chance of any sticker shock or unforeseen costs. At Brick GC, we’re big believers in the philosophy of under-promising and over-delivering to our clients — which is exactly why the majority of our home renovation projects are finished both within budget and on schedule.
  • Bathrooms – Second only in cost (and importance as a factor in your home price) to a new kitchen, a remodeled bathroom will greatly enhance both the quality of life within a home, as well as its market value. From heated floors and other amenities — such as saunas, Jacuzzis, bidets, and fully-enclosed toilets to the basics of installing a new GFCI outlet, tile floor, vanity or bathtub, as well as replacing old pipes and wiring — we can revitalize any bathroom into something you can enjoy in comfort. Whether you want a finished product that’s very ornamental and period-appropriate, ultra-minimalist and modern — or anywhere in-between — we possess the skills, experience, and aesthetic awareness that allows us to accommodate any taste.
  • Sidewalks – With more than three decades of operating in the Tri-State Area under our most senior contractors’ belts, the entire Brick GC Group team is known for our knowledge of local codes regarding sidewalk and curb construction — from allowable materials to square dimensions. In landmarked and historic districts we can even add distinctive colors to our concrete, in order to blend in with older flags made from materials such as slate bluestone plates.
  • Home Additions – The size of the average American home has increased more than 50% since the early 1970s. It’s for this reason — as well as other factors such as extended families, tenants, larger furniture sizes and the need for office space for those working from home — that many people living in areas with older housing stock are choosing to build additions. Whether you would like to add an entirely new wing — or simply finish a basement, attic or insulate an enclosed porch — we can help to increase your living space while making your home more functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Only the Best in Every Setting

Regardless of whether your home embodies the choice location, convenience and city living of an urban property; the comfort, personalization and access to nature that comes from developing a rural plot of land; or the luxury, lifestyle and carefully-manicured neighborhoods of a suburban town, we can help you to accentuate the best aspects of any setting. As one of the NYC area’s most community-oriented general contractors, we respect the need for attractive, sustainable homebuilding that compliments its surroundings. One of the most important promises we make to our clients is the completion of durable, well-built new properties— including attractive, newly improved homes — that both you and your neighbors can be proud of.

At Brick GC Group, Our Main Focus Is You

At Brick GC Group, our focus as a design-build-remodel firm is to build relationships with our clients. Having these relationships in place after the project is completed is what’s most valuable to us — and it’s also how we’ve built our business through decades of word-of-mouth recommendations. We want to know what’s important to our prospective clients and seek to provide a great experience, along with a great finished product  to every homeowner we work with.

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