Commercial Construction Services in NYC & NJ

In addition to our property management and residential construction departments, Brick GC Group has an entire division strictly dedicated to new commercial buildings, as well as older property renovations and restorations. We have the skilled workforce, tools, equipment — as well as an intimate knowledge of state and local commercial zoning and building regulations — that will help make short work of any commercial construction project.

Experience the Difference that Only Experience Can Make

It’s experience that makes all the difference. Everyone knows it’s the knowledge and skill that comes with spending years on job sites — whether you’re talking about architects, project managers, foremen or workers — that is usually the deciding factor in allowing any commercial construction project to run as smoothly as possible. Brick GC Group is a full-service general contracting firm that specializes in commercial tenant improvement projects. The types of properties we work on include retail stores, professional offices, restaurants, and community essentials such as fire departments and emergency medical services (EMS).

Together our team of compliance professionals works hand in hand with our project managers and skilled tradespeople to provide commercial building services through the New York-New Jersey area with quality work and minimal red tape. To the team here at Brick GC Group, every job is a top priority. That means every single project is completed on a “fast pace” track — with only the quality of our work, safety, and legal/regulatory considerations taking higher precedence than speed. We know that time is money and that’s why we not only get the job done right — we get it done quickly.

Commercial Construction Services You Can Count On

Whether you own a small convenience store or run a large big box retailer with multiple locations, the Brick GC Group is there for you. We’ve built our reputation through thousands of happy clients in the NYC area. Our specialties include — but are not limited to — the following commercial settings:

  • Retail Stores – From a corner newsstand to a multi-level department store, we can transform any retail space into a more welcoming and functional sales environment. From climate control to lighting, walls, special displays and commercial signage, we can help improve your business by enhancing its look — as well as your customers’ shopping experience.
  • Warehouses – Whether it’s a storage rental space, a distribution center, a big box store or an industrial plant, Brick GC Group’s award-wining project management team can make sure our construction work is completed as seamlessly as possible — with minimal disruption to you, your employees, or your daily operations.
  • Office Suites – When you need a new, more practical work space that maximizes productivity — such as through a more efficient floor plan and improved creature comforts — look no further than the office interior specialists at Brick GC Group. From new, energy-efficient lighting and climate control mechanicals to painting, flooring, furnishings, directional signage, door plaques, and other decorative elements — we’ve got you covered.
  • Franchise Locations – Whether you’re a franchise owner or the manager of a chain location, we offer effective commercial improvements with a price tag that’s always reasonable — even by national standards. At Brick GC group we specialize in health department-compliant kitchen equipment, sturdy counters, beautifully-finished bars, beverage fountains, information technology (IT), as well as point of service (POS) payment terminals, sprinklers, and security systems. Let us help take the time-consuming complexity out of dealing with a different subcontractor for each item and installation. We’re proud to be your full-service franchise builder.
  • EMS, Fire Stations & Utilities – All essential services — from hospitals, fire stations, ambulance companies to police and public utilities like electric, gas, telecommunication, even food and fuel delivery systems — need dependable, durable infrastructure in order to assist their communities when it matters most. At Brick GC Group, we’ve been partnering with first responders — as well as logistical administrators and personnel — for more than three decades. We know that redundant, dependable systems are necessary to prevent disruption to life-saving interventions, as well as promote public health and safety. That’s why we work closely with all essential service providers in order to ensure their ongoing duties are never compromised by necessary construction work.
  • Car Dealerships, Furniture & Appliance Stores – Showrooms are known for being flashy and larger than life. But we know that behind the glamorous exterior, retail spaces are populated by managers and their sales staffs who are some of the hardest-working employees out there. We also know that an attractive and inviting showroom is the key to a more productive work space, as well as an improved shopping experience that keeps customers coming back. Whether your team sells cars, boats, refrigerators or furniture Brick GC knows the vital importance of an attractive and functional sales floor.
  • Commercial Renovations – From historically-landmarked buildings that require period-appropriate restoration work to modern office towers that can be gutted or rebuilt from scratch, the Brick GC Group are the experts of commercial renovations of all kinds. From installing wireless IT infrastructure and new heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) ducting, to coming up with a new floor plan that makes sense, we can help. Whether you’re working on an updated reception area and deciding between hardwoods vs. tiles or cut pile vs. loop pile carpeting, we can help make even the most ambitious renovation project a more pleasant experience for everyone — from owners and managers to clients and employees.

Experience the Brick GC Group Difference

Brick GC group uses a proprietary in-house process for planning, tracking, and supervising even the largest and most complex commercial projects. We have painstakingly developed this system over the last 15 years to ensure full client satisfaction again and again. Our current portfolio contains successful commercial construction projects throughout NYC and New Jersey — including both new ground-up buildings, as well as the renovation of existing structures — such as retail stores, restaurants, schools, and professional offices.

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