Multi-Family Housing Construction | NYC Condos and Apartments

here is a growing need for more multi-family housing in the New York & New Jersey area. Not only has the apartment market stayed steady over the last four years, there is now added demands for housing as families migrate from New Jersey to New York. The growing economy and bursting population requires new apartments and condos throughout the area.

While many construction companies are struggling with labor availability to meet this need, Brick GC Group has a dedicated team to ensure that your project is completed on time. We offer:

  • Reliable Services
  • A Highly Trained Team
  • Quick and Efficient Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Reduced Site Disturbance

We know that time is of the essence during a housing boom. Brick GC Group is primed and ready to begin developing your New York & New Jersey condos or apartments.

Brick GC Group | Full-Service Construction for Multi-Family Housing

As a leader in the New York & New Jersey multi-family construction market, Brick GC utilizes skilled crews and up-to-date technology to deliver high quality buildings. We work closely with private and public owners who are investing in our community and always keep our lines of communication wide open. Our full-service construction options are designed so that we can work with you from design to post-construction.

Brick GC’s approach is the make sure that the owner has every expectation met during the construction process. We strictly adhere to agreed upon budgets and never miss a milestone so that your multi-family housing is completed on time. We are trained to provide construction services for:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Student Housing Facilities
  • Condominium Buildings
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Townhome Developments
  • Multi-Family Housing Renovations

Our construction approach ensures optimal results in every building we construct-from capital improvement renovations to ground-up new construction.

Brick GC-Your New York & New Jersey Based Construction Group

We are invested in building business and generating additional revenue for New York & New Jersey as well as business owners. Our services reflect this, as each development that we work on is complements the already existing neighborhood. Our efficient and value driven approach provides an end result that that any client would be proud of. Contact Brick GC Group today to take advantage of our competitive pricing and full service construction team.

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