Mall Property Management

Retail property such as malls brings customers to your doorstep; however, managing large spaces and multiple many retailers can be frustrating. At Brick GC Company, we offer Philadelphia property management that covers all of your mal needs. Our property management professional utilize their industry experience and asset strategies to ensure your property is well maintained. Our services include:

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Development
  • Leasing
  • Daily Operations
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance

If you are seeking a full service Philadelphia property management team, Brick GC works to create value through long-term strategic planning and day-to-day supervision.

Brick GC – Your Philadelphia Property Managers

Managing the immense space that a mall takes up is a lot of work. While we offer a variety of property staffing, billing, accounting, maintenance, and security services, our primary focus for your retail space is keeping it filled. Empty storefronts mean a loss of revenue and a potential loss of customers.

Brick GC Company provides effective strategies to ensure your mall is a bustling hub. We utilize a variety of marketing strategies to get retail tenants who will stay into your property. After they have signed a lease, we offer comprehensive property management services that are designed to build strong and lasting relationships with tenants.

Our on the ground property management team can also help you to see the subtle signs that show whether a retail tenant is successful in your mall. We can determine this from the amount of customers and staff in their space, the amount of stock they have on their shelves, and the frequency of sales or special events in process. This data better positions you to negotiate with retailers when their lease comes up for renewal.

Why Brick GC Group

Brick GC Group believes in a hands-on, team approach to Philadelphia property management. We recognize the unique requirements of mall ownership and tailor our management program to meet your individual needs. Building long-standing relationship with business owners and their retail tenants is embedded into our approach to produce solid partnerships.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your Philadelphia mall, Brick GC Group is here to help. Call our expert property managers today at PHONE NUMBER to begin benefiting from our comprehensive services and excellent customer service.

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