Multi Family Housing

Pennsylvania’s real estate market has been steadily expanding, with Philadelphia’s population booming for the eight year in a row. Many investors are capitalizing on that growth and constructing or purchasing multi-family housing units across the state. As more owners pop up, comprehensive property management teams are becoming more critical.

Brick GC Group offers comprehensive property management services across Philadelphia and the greater Pennsylvania area. Our highly trained property managers are dedicated to providing premium services that satisfy the tenants as well as the owner. By focusing on driving value in your Philadelphia apartments, we work to maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs, and ensure tenant satisfaction.

The Brick GC Difference | Quality Management for Your Property Needs

Brick GC Group tailors the management of every property based on the specific priorities and financial goals of your business. We keep your objectives in mind every step of the way. We ensure that your assets are protected with our variety of services, including:

  • Property Inspections – Property inspections help to make sure that your assets are safe. Not only can they identify any budding issues with your apartments, it ensures that any damages from residents are noted and billed to your tenants.
  • Tenant Screening – In order for any apartment complex or multifamily community to be profitable and successful, you need the right tenants. Brick GC carefully screens all tenants through extensive background checks.
  • Marketing – Our marketing processes are designed to keep your client satisfaction high and your vacancy rates low. We advertise across various types of media to ensure that your listing is seen by the right potential tenants.
  • Maintenance and Repair – We offer regular maintenance services that include exterior and interior options. Brick GC also responds to any emergency repairs that require immediate attention so ensure that your property and tenants are safe.

With these services, our property management team exceeds the unique needs of your property to provide optimized results.

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Regardless if you own senior housing in Philadelphia, luxury condominiums in Pittsburg, or variety of multi-family housing developments across Pennsylvania, Brick GC has you covered. Our guiding principle is simple: quality, efficient and affordable property management services.

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